Bob Lackey

Robert W. Lackey, Sr. (Bob) was born in Hickory, NC and currently resides both in Hickory and Isle of Palms, SC. He currently serves as the CEO and chairman of the Imagine One Companies which has included start-ups, mergers and acquisitions in nearly 90 companies over his 40 plus years in business. The companies he has been involved in have locations nationwide employing several thousand team members in numerous fields including world renowned consumer products, industrial and interior design services, award winning restaurants and events companies, real estate and many others. The Imagine One Companies and their affiliates have aligned with major branding partners over the years including Arm and Hammer, Honeywell, Brita, Rubbermaid and DuPont. His resume also includes design, finance, concept development, marketing, branding and inventor titles, with over 200 products developed and/or patented by him personally and over 20,000 products launched by his companies to the nearly 45,000 retail and wholesale outlets they are offered in today. Bob’s responsibilities and areas of focus include acquisitions, corporate directives, financial planning, project management and design as well as key decision making and partner relations. He has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance with substantial experience in new project development and M&A activities. He believes that his strong Christian beliefs have given him the strength, wisdom and hope to weather the storms of life and continue to help serve others whenever possible. Bob, his family and their companies have a strong focus and involvement in charities and community development and strive to impact the people in their lives in a positive way.