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Charlotte Has Talent

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Welcome to Charlotte Has Talent! We are excited to announce that this event is planned for Saturday, November 13th, 7 PM at Blumenthal’s Booth Playhouse in Charlotte. Tickets will go on sale in the summer so keep checking back to get yours!

What is this event?

This is not just any talent show; this is a talent show packed with well-known Charlotte Celebrities & business people. We will announce these amazing participants as we go, so keep checking back to see who we have added. Morgan Fogarty will be back to emcee and will be joined on stage with one of our past contestants, QCB. We are already recruiting some amazing talent! There are 3 ways to win this contest! Here are the categories up for grabs! #1 Judges Favorite to be determined at the event #2 Crowd favorite, again determined at the event OR #3 Raise the most funds! Just view the contestants, choose your favorite and donate by clicking on their profile picture, remember to keep checking back as we will be adding more contestants!

Here are the winners for 2019!

Jonathan Stewart

Judges Favorite

Meteorologist Eric Thomas, Jensyn Gunnon and Ross Sontheimer

Crowd Favorite

Charlotte City Councilmen Tariq Bokhari & Larken Egleston

Philanthropic Favorite

Meet Our Emcee for Charlotte Has Talent

Morgan Fogarty

Meet Our 2020 Guest Judges

Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas is the Chief Meteorologist with WBTV and has no fear when it comes to being in the spotlight! After winning "Crowd Favorite" at the 2019 Charlotte Has Talent with Jensyn Gunnon, Eric is flipping the script from contestant to judge!

Meet Our 2019 Sponsors

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