Become a Foster Parent

The 411 on becoming a foster parent……

  • you are single, married or divorced,
  • any race, gender, religion or ethnic origin,
  • 21 years or older, stable income,
  • have stable and appropriate housing, adequate space for each child (maximum of 5 youth including your own children)
  • you are able to read & write
  • You can be a working foster parent
STEPS…to become a foster parent
  • Complete 30 hours training
  • Home study by social worker
  • Home visits from social worker
  • Fire inspection
  • Physical exam for each family member
  • Criminal background checks including fingerprints
  • Personal reference checks
  • Ongoing training after licensure


Do foster parents get paid?
A board stipend is provided to help care for the child, however you must be financially stable enough to care for the child without it.

Can foster children go on vacation with a foster parent?

Do foster parents add foster children to their insurance?
No, they are covered by Medicaid

Least of These Carolinas cannot refer any potential foster parents to any one agency. We have compiled a list below of agencies that we have served in the past. Please reach out to them directly for more information. Our only advice is do your own research, all agencies are not the same, make sure you find a good fit!