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Least of These Carolinas…..a new day!!

lotcarolinas logoIn May 2015 we announced that our new name is Least of These Carolinas! Even though we are holding onto Least of These Gaston, we will be doing business using our new name. You may be asking the question why did we make this change? And what does it mean?

The board has been discussing and praying about the change for months. There are many children that are in need that are not necessarily in foster care. There are children being cared for by a kinship. And then there are children that may be at risk for being taken from their home that we can help, allowing us to be proactive instead of reactive. The reason for adding the Carolinas is that it allows us to provide for children in foster care from other counties. There may be foster homes that have children from two or more  counties. We never want to provide for one child in a home without providing for the other just because they are not a Gaston county child. We believe that God has called us to care for the Least of These whether in our county or next door in another county. We hope that the change will be well received by all. If you should have any questions about this change….please email me at [email protected]