Bridging the Gap in the Foster Care Community

12 Hours of Christmas

12 Hours of Christmas is an event that allows Least of These Carolinas the opportunity to provide Christmas for children in foster/kinship care and families in need of assistance for the holiday.

What makes our event special and unique is our sponsors do not purchase just one gift per child, they buy according to the child’s specific wish list. Each child gets approximately $125-$150 spent on them. We encourage the families to save the gifts they receive for Christmas morning! We have games and an area for children to pick out gifts for their parent or guardian. After all the gifts are wrapped and put away and the children have played, they all enjoy a family meal. What a fun filled magical day for the children to enjoy and in those moments be in a happy place.

Here are our stats for serving children in foster care through 12 Hours of Christmas:
2013 served 150 children at a value of $18,750
2014 served 250 children at a value of $31,250
2015 served 354 children at a value of $44,250
2016 served 367 children at a value of $45,875
2017 served 485 children at a value of $60,625
2018 served 495 children at a value of $63,600
2019 served 685 children at a value of $102,750
2020 served 768 children at a value of $115,200

TOTAL SERVED IN 8 YEARS – 3,554 children! At a value of $482,300!!

SAVE THE DATE FOR 12 Hours of Christmas 2021: December 4, 2021

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